About Us

Ayotta Technologies Limited (ATL) was established in May 2010 in the United Kingdom(UK). Having around 30 years of combined experience we cater to provide Enterprise Application Integration and Data Migration Services.

As a result of our continuous effort and hardwork we established Ayotta Technologies India Private Limited (ATIPL) in Sep 2010 in Coimbatore, India to cater to the offshore development requirements for ATL.

Having experience in various domains like Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, e-Governance, Education, Energy, Manufacturing and Police. We have experience working for organizations of various sizes to convert small IT projects to major cost cutting or revenue generating IT projects. We can tailor to work on projects using Agile Methodology as well as Fixed price projects. We have exhaustive experience working in projects from inception till User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and will help you determine the best solution for your environment. We boast our expertise in the Aerospace Division and enterprise e-Commerce Development. We have worked with various vendors including Sun, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft at a partner support level.

Our History


Paperless Schools

On Average, schools in the UK spend a lot on paper and processing of paper right from internal documentation to communicating with parents. We are developing an application that can help schools to save over GBP 50,000.00 by cutting the use of paper and this can be a more effective means of communication and building an effective parent-teacher communication medium.

August 2015

Migration Platform

Organizations switch from one ERP Provider (Oracle, SAP, etc.) switch from one flavour to the other and this has been found to be inevitable. To help them switch more efficiently we created a bridging software that can effectively transfer the data from one provider to another using our software. Any data cleansing can be done during in the workflow.

November 2014

e-Delivery Model

Created one of its kind automated development platform that helped in creating java applications using Struts based MVC pattern. The application is capable of developing the Screens that include database based model, data access objects (DAO), Service layer, Struts 2 Actions JSP's and elementary java script including validations. This has contributed to faster and error-free code developed in the press of a button.

February 2012

First Steps in India

Ayotta entered India by setting up Ayotta Technologies India Private Limited, the first steps with just 3 developers started their projects in the java based e-Commerce project in the aerospace division.

September 2010


Ayotta Technologies was incorporated in the United Kingdom and started its first contract in Aerospace Manufacturing domain.

May 2010